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Commercial Services

Mueller Creative Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Posted By joe Mueller

Whether you are starting a company or in charge of bringing new life into an established company Mueller Creative is a one stop solution for all of your needs. Our team and network of partners make it simple to meet your goals. We take care of the meetings, management and production of your program to reduce the wasted time in meetings and minor details.

  • Startup or Existing Company
    • Project Management
      • Software Development
    • Team Building
      • Surge Staffing & Ramp up Teams
      • Development Teams
    • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    • Consultation
      • Evaluation & Costing
        • Technology
          • Software
          • Hardware
          • Development
        • New Project Costing
        • Skill Evaluation
  • Business Plan Design or Rework
  • Startups
    • Business Plan design
    • Social Media and Launch Planning
    • Branding and Media Packages
      • Brand Bible
      • Logo Design
      • Animations
      • Video Production
  • Existing Companies
    • Business Plan Rework
    • Customer loyalty and Added Value Campaigns
    • Website Rework or Refresh

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