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As Joe the Mueller I am the team lead for this crazy bunch. Good or bad I get to model what normal is for my family.  I am so glad I get to take part in this adventure of life with the other five members of our team as well as the many friends that join us along the way.

Some of my interests:

  • Skateboarding
    For over 22 years I have enjoyed the sport. At age 12 the nature of skateboarding as a free-flowing creative process appealed to me. Now with a few years under my belt I see it as a great way to think outside of the box and inspire creative thinking and problem solving.

  • Drumming

I have loved Drumming for the same reasons as Skateboarding but with the added benefit of giving me something to do on rainy days or times when I can’t get up from my desk.

  • Arduino

Freedom to explore comes in many forms. Arduino has taken my love for open source software and and helped me apply the discipline of EE to the ideas I have.

  • Metal Working

At 18 my parents bought me a Millermatic 250 with a spool gun. This means my love for metal working started before that. I guess it came from my first vehicle which was a 1977 Chevy k1500. Sadly I never finished that project but it opened my eyes to the possibilities that welding brings to the creative process.

Mother’s day swing for Annie, Robert helping make sure the cuts are right.
  • Wood Working

I started with metal because it is more forgiving. Wood does not allow for you to add material if you cut too much off. For this reason I am not an avid woodworker but I hope to keep increasing my skills as time goes on and I watch more youtube videos.

Playing with bamboo

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  • Project Management

Truthfully I just like to make mindmaps . Mindmaps apparently help to manage projects. I guess the whole point of this site is actually pull together all my projects in one place. That means you will get to see the mess that is in my head at times.

  • Mechanics

Growing up in a lawnmower repair shop I learned very quickly the mechanical abstraction layer of the world. Physics and science appeal to me but there is nothing quite like bringing something back from the dead.

My old tool box back in the states
  • Linux

In 2001 My friend Micah Akin turned me on to the Linux operating system. Thousands of hours of tinkering later I can not say I am a professional in the OS but I tend to win most quizup competitions about linux.

  • Electronics

Electrical theory yes! Electron flow theory ….who knows. Again, taking another layer of abstraction from the physical, I enjoy understanding the parts that make things work just so I can have freedom to try new combinations or at the least not be a slave to consumerism if something needs to be repaired.

  • Bartering  

(Barterjoe is my handle here is my bartering profile)

  • Mythology/psycology/religion/history 

All related, these four studies help me to understand the components that make up our world on both a logical and intuitive level. Again it is difficult to have freedom without knowing the parts to a system. It is even more difficult to bring others to the waters of freedom without knowing the way.

I have enjoyed reading many different points of view on the topics and would love your recommendations. Take a moment to see Annie Mueller’s work here.

  • Web site administration 

The functional necessity in the early 2000’s brought me from Frontpage 2000 into Mambo/Joomla (2004-2008) and finally now WordPress. While it is not true web coding I enjoy looking at the code and “hacking” my way through issues and feature sets.

  • Most of all I love my family. We are a team and we rock!


More to come…

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