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Rincon Maker Space

Posted By joe Mueller


What is RMS?

The Rincon Maker Space is a community project for the residents, artists and makers in the Rincon Puerto Rico area.

The purpose of the maker space is to make high quality tools, experienced training and clean workspaces available to the great community in Rincón.


What is the Status of RMS

The Spring of 2017 is the beginning of this community. Started in a garage space and office the group has over 120 fans. As awareness of RMS grows polls and feedback are being put together to help create a sustainable business plan that will benefit the community for years to come.  

 The list of current requested spaces:

  1. 3D Printing/Laser Cutting
  2. Art Gallery and Shop
  3. Fine Arts Studio
  4. Automotive Tool Shop
  5. Business Assistance
  6. High Speed Internet Cafe
  7. Certified Commercial Kitchen
  8. Robotics & Electrical Workshop
  9. Kid Zone and Education
  10. Leatherworks and Sewing
  11. Metal forging, welding and Casting
  12. Video, Photo and Music Production
  13. Wood working shop
  14. Educational Clinics and Workshops

Give your feedback and suggestions in the comments below or take the Facebook poll

What is next?

RMS plan to publish a Kickstarter campaign once the business plan is completed. Keep an eye out for this as it will allow for memberships to be purchased at a huge discount as well as great perks for supporting the cause.


How can you help?

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Take the poll above
  2. Like our Facebook page
  3. Contact us about teaching classes at the space
  4. Consider Bartering labor for RMS shop time.
  5. Attend a RMS build dayhttp://muellercreative.com/?page_id=316


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