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Barter Joe’s

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Barter Joe’s

Posted By joe Mueller

Joe Mueller is big into barter.

As of 2017 Joe has joined forces with Jane Kewitt’s team at Simbi. They so such a great job of managing the details of bartering Joe says it makes more sense to team up with Simbi and focus on making good deals.

Check out Simbi through Joe’s link www.barterjoes.com and get 100 Simbi points for free to make a deal.

Joe is actively working on building the barter network in Rincon Puerto Rico. As the community project at Rincon Maker Space comes together in 2017 the business plan will incorporate bartering into its core operations including trading labor for time in the maker space.

In his “Spare Time” Joe also Runs Costco Joe  delivering Costco products to the Rincó Puerto Rico which is 2.5 hrs from the nearest Costco.

Comment below if you have a good barter story or suggestion for Barter Joe

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